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Design - Elegance - Individuality


The elegant way of extinguishing a cigarette.
The Cube stands out for its unique design.

The high quality wooden core lets up to 48 cigarettes ingeniously disappear. In no time the ashtray is taken apart and cleaned.
The stainless steel tag can be custom-engraved.(79 x 38 mm).

Dimensions : 120 x 120 x 80 mm (width x height x depth)


Something for every one

The cube is available in four different types of wood

nuss olive wenge apfel

Please choose:

apfel Apple
nuss Nut

olive Olive
wenge Wenge


Apple tree EUR 99,00 incl. tax
Nut EUR 99,00 incl. tax
Olive EUR 119,00 incl. tax
Wenge EUR 119,00 incl. tax

For your special laser engraving we would need your Logo in jpg or eps format. Price per stainless steel tag EUR 14,90 (79 x 38 mm)



Image 1: Components

The Cube consists of three components: a massive wooden core, an ash container including base, metal rod.

Image 2: tap the ash off

Tapp the ash off in the large whole in the middle of the Cube.


Image 3: extinguish your cigarette

To extinguish your cigarette, drop it in one of the several wholes.

Image 4: cleaning

For emptying and cleaning the Cube remove all its components. Therefore pull the metal rod out of the wooden core and remove the bottom plate cautiously.


Image 5: to empty

Clean out the ash of the inner part and push the cigarettes with the metal rod through the wholes.


Cleaning instruction:

Please clean the wooden core with a moist cloth. The ash container is made of stainless steel and can be rinsed with water. Maintain the wooden part of your Cube by using conventional furniture oil once or twice a year.